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White Pawn, White Knight, White King

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Ok now as I sit here and try to find the best words to describe this rap beef between Eminem, Machine Gun Kelly, and G Eazy.  In this article I will be reviewing and giving my opinion on Not Alike, Rap Devil, and Bad Boy.

            Let’s start with the King Eminem’s diss Not Alike.  Not Alike is a song on Eminem’s new surprise album Kamikaze and it features lyrical heavy hitter and a long time friend to Slim Shady. Royce Da 5’9”.  The song features a trippy heavy synth beat that uses a cadence to make fun of the new generation of “”Mumble Rappers””.  Eminem calls out Machine Gun Kelly by name and starts by addressing what MGK said about his daughter, and then he continued to discredit MGK’s street credibility.

“Like a fuckin’ cocked semi Glock, demi-god

Let me put a fucking silencer on this little

Non-threatening blond fairy cornball”

            This is the only line that stood out from the rest.  Then Eminem does what he does best; Rappity Rap!  In comes the hail of rappity rap lines that don’t say much, but with that masterful infliction and the ability to fool people into thinking you’re going hard because you rap faster, this track/ verse falls short on being an impact by leagues.

As for Machine Gun Kelly’s response, he started off correct with the song title; Rap Devil.  With this semi clever play on Eminem’s song Rap God, I have to give 1 and ½ thumbs up.  Honestly I would’ve rather the track be called Skittles or Fuck Eminem or a play on another candy maybe, but we can’t all get what we want.  This isn’t a bad diss, but when you go up against a monolith you have to come with at least 40 pounds of C4.  MGK only came equipped with an M80, 5 smoke bombs, and a whole backpack full of sparklers.  He made fun of Eminem’s age and calling on Trick Trick to handle his street beef, not to mention making fun of Eminem’s songs, movies, etc.  MGK also did a good job of pointing out and repeating what a lot of people are saying about Mathers being washed up and that he isn’t in his prime anymore, which I have to regretfully agree with.  On this diss record Em was also accused of trying to black ball MGK, and MGK not understanding the fact that Eminem got so much money but trying to stop him from eating.  The major highlight of this Rap Devil is easily the hook.  It’s very catchy and does the task of pointing out the facts and then engaging the listener to want to talk about it.  Was it put together with any type of cleverness?  Not in the slightest.  Does it have truths?  It does.  All of this is all for nothing though, because he compliments Em on teaching him his hustle and paving the way for him.  Overall Rap Devil was Machine Gun Kelly’s attempt to dissect and expose Eminem’s whole life even though Em has been pretty candid during rap career, so it’s whatever.  Although Machine Gun Kelly did a good job of not wasting bars and making every single bar count, Rap Devil didn’t make that big of an impact to me.  The shots fired all hit the target, but Eminem’s plot armor of saying most of those things himself protects him from Rap Devil leaving him a carcass bleeding profusely to the lab for a response.

Last but not least, Bad Boy by G Eazy.    This diss just like those before it poked at personal issues and states facts about the artist.  G Eazy felt some type of way about FunkMaster Flex bringing Machine Gun Kelly on to his show, where he unveiled his G Eazy diss.

I’m not even going to lie, MGK’s diss was pretty hot, but G Eazy responded back with facts.  G Eazy sends shots to both Flex and disrespects all of Machine Gun Kelly’s accomplishments by comparing them to his own, which diminishes Kelly’s accolades by leaps and bounds.  Then G Eazy continues to tell the story about how they toured with each other and Kelly was mean mugging him, to which G Eazy addressed him about it.  According to G Eazy, Kelly backpedaled and got sentimental and bitched up.  In short Kelly got in his feelings and told G Eazy you dope I fuck with you and then after the tour, he started sending shots again.  Even more hurtful things were said when he exposed that Puffy of Bad Boy, which is the label Kelly is signed to don’t like him.  While this contains everything that I enjoy out of a diss record, it didn’t hit home to me.

This morning I heard an interesting way of describing this rap beef and I honestly at this current point in time disagree with it.

“Who doesn’t like a good train wreck? Look, we don’t watch NASCAR for the race, we watch for the possibility of a crash” -Marciel Dubois

In conclusion, I don’t feel that this beef should be getting the buzz that it’s getting.  Because rap is in the shit state that it’s in, this is getting more publicity than it deserves.  I’m still going to keep an eye out on it though, because I want to see how Eminem is going to respond to Rap Devil and I also hope the beef between G Eazy and Machine Gun Kelly escalates until it is only one man standing.  The King (Eminem) methodically moved his one space and now is waiting to deal the killing blow, The Knight (G Eazy) is moving to conquer his opponents while still paying homage to the King, while the Pawn (Machine Gun Kelly) has his sights on being more than just a human shield.  His eyes are on the throne and he doesn’t care what pieces are in his way to it.

Comment, share your thoughts, and let’s talk.

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