After the hype has died down on my social media, I’ve finally taken the time to listen to Eminem’s diss; Kill Shot.  Just like any diss I listen to I listen 3x.  The first listen is to see if any lines make me react, then to pick out the lyrics that stood out or was impactful, and lastly I give an overall listen to double check and solidify my thoughts and feelings on it.  The conclusion I drew was that Kill Shot is ok.

I know people will be in an uproar that I think Kill Shot is just ok.  While listening to this only 2 lines gave me a reaction and not a big on; “I say one call to Interscope and you Swayze” because he’s dead, so that was a pretty nice line and the “But Kells, the day you put out a hit’s the day Diddy admits that he put out a hit that got Pac killed.”  This last line was great and it gave me a little excitement because Eminem was being the controversial artist that I knew and loved him for, then he cancelled it by saying, “Oh and I’m just playin’, Diddy, you know I love you.”  I was like welp that line is useless now.  The diss overall was literally him going line for line and responding to everything Machine Gun Kelly said, which further validates Machine Gun Kelly’s diss. Not to mention Eminem keep on trying to call Kelly, R. Kelly.  It’s like dude you did that in the first diss track let it go and give us some bars.  Then the line about wanting to be 80 year old Em instead of being 20 year old Kelly, when in fact Eminem would’ve rather been 20 year old Kelly than 20 year old Em.  So this line was funny and instantly negated as being a valid point to me.

“Em being the Donald Trump of Rap”

Before I even did my listen I had my inbox filled with constant encouragement to listen to it.  My timeline was OMG Eminem killed him on this track.  I’m glad I waited because if I didn’t I would’ve said this diss was ass and a half, because it didn’t live up to the social media hype.  On top of that we had to wait 2 weeks and a half for a response from the legend, when we wrote off Meek in 2 days.  Eminem gave us an interview, which I was also goaded into listening to with the promise of it changing my point of view on the whole thing.  It did not.  It took 6 years to reply to some social media attack about your child?  Not to mention and I quote “I didn’t diss him because of what he said about Halley.  It was much pettier than that.”  I don’t understand why anything was said after waiting 6 years then.  This was a good interview as a whole, but Sway is an employee of Eminem.  Not to mention Sway looked nervous and uncomfortable in this interview.  This gave me the vibe of Em being the Donald Trump of Rap.  I say all this to say that this interview was amazing, but in the case of changing my mind about the beef between MGK and Em, it did not.  It gave me nothing at all in that instance, but it’s good none the less.

In conversation people excuse for Eminem’s lackluster response is “He’s Eminem.  He doesn’t have to try.”  This is a Stan response, with no facts to back it.  When I ask, what did Eminem say that had impact to make you believe that he killed Machine Gun Kelly?  No one gives me lines, no one can give me a rhyme or reason, they only respond with “He’s Em, he don’t have to try.” Or “He made MGK look like a Stan.”  I don’t care about what he was trying to accomplish.  I understand what he was trying to do, it’s did he do it effectively?  When you have the title of G.O.A.T.  or Legend you will have many people coming for your throne.  You either respond or you don’t.  I don’t care about Eminem’s discography or titles.  All I care about is you going track for track with an inferior Emcee.  It hurts but he’s losing because he isn’t trying.  The fact that people don’t care is cool, but don’t speak as if he’s winning.  People talk about Em ending other rapper’s careers, who?  Don’t say Ja cause they didn’t go one on one, he got jumped by G Unit, Em, Xzibit, and other rappers.  Don’t say Canibus, because he got ended by LL Cool J and was irrelevant when he dissed Em.  Don’t say Nick Cannon.  He lost to Mariah.  Obsessed was a better diss record than Bagpipes from Baghdad.

I appreciate Eminem for a lot of reasons and I appreciate he’s using his platform on the social justice of my people.  I will forever love him and as a fan, I hold everything I am a fandom of to the standard they presented.  Eminem being Eminem isn’t a good enough excuse or reason to say he’s winning this battle.  Sorry but he is not.  Change my mind with bars and rhymes not with, “Eminem don’t have to try, he’s Eminem.”  I don’t know how the rest of you were raised or taught, but I was taught “If you’re going to do something give it your all or do nothing at all.”  He isn’t giving us anything and we’re as a whole were eating it all up as if he is.  Be a real fan instead of being the Stan he’s describing.  Kill Shot was a deceptive title.  This track was more like warning shots or foot shot, but a kill shot it was not.

Comment below and please change my mind.  I want my mind changes, let’s have a conversation.

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    Ok now as I sit here and try to find the best words to describe this rap beef between Emin…
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  • White Pawn, White Knight, White King

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