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Anime Review – Drop Kick Oh My Devil.

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Dropkick On My Devil is a comedy Shojo anime about a devil named Jashin who lives with a witch and the crazy exploits in her daily life.  The anime is filled with slapstick, great dialog, dark humor, and unrelenting extreme gratuitous violence.  Every day Jashin comes up with a new scheme to get what she wants or how to kill the witch Yurine.

A few things drew me to this anime aside from the fact that I wanted to check out new anime; the fantastic intro, my love of watching people and things get dropkicked, the cutesy characters, and the comedy.  Upon watching Dropkick On My Devil there were two things that about the anime that gave me instant gratification; the fact that it has quick inserts telling kids, don’t try this at home, just like the cartoons thing that cartoons of my childhood and it is also an anime that is constantly breaking the fourth wall.  The concept of breaking the fourth wall comes from a show directly interacting with the crowd or with facts or information that lets you know that the characters are aware of being fake or using it to attack the wall that separates them from the real world.  Dropkick On My Devil! Does a great job of this by alluding to a low budget by the company that publishes them or by talking to the narrator, or by asking to rewind the show and get a do over.  Anime, tv shows, and movies that do this bring me great joy.  I’m not sure why, I just really enjoy the intricate ways that each on has in breaking the fourth wall.

Aside from the story, the bread and butter that can almost save any shitty story are great characters.  The characters in this show add their own spice to the dish and their interactions are the finishing touches.  The Witch Yurine is the one that summoned Jashin to Earth and now is her master.  She beats up and punishes Jashin in the most violent of ways, because Jashin is a scumbag and needs to be taught a lesson.

Jashin is a Lamia type devil and the main character of Dropkick On My Devil!  She is a devil in every aspect of the word; she schemes, cheat, lie, and steal her way to victory, or at least she tries to.  Her main goal in life is to kill her master; Yurine.

Medusa is a sweet and lovable girl that is often seen in public wearing a paper bag over her head and is also Jashin’s best friend, who is often the target of betrayal.  Whenever Jashin gets caught or is about to be destroyed by Yurine, she blames Medusa for the transgressions.  No one believes her, but she does it every time.

Minos is a humanoid Minotaur devil that wears clothing with cow-prints and thoroughly enjoys beef. I’m not going to lie, ever since here that Doja Cat song bitch I’m a cow, that’s all I hear whenever Minos comes on the screen.  Damn that beautiful woman, that dope ass mellow beat, and the catchy chorus.

Doja Cat – Mooo

Pekola is a powerless angel because she lost her halo.  Every time you see her, she’s starving and has an inner battle with herself on if she should accept food from her godless enemies or not.  The way that these characters interact with each other makes the comedy direction is endless.

If you enjoy slapstick comedy with some gore and constant fourth wall breaking then Dropkick On My Devil is for you.  I’ve also discovered why the anime is called Dropkick On My Devil.  Even though Jashin is the main character and a devil, her special technique is the Dropkick and Yurine is her devil.  She constantly trying to get her weak ass dropkick off and repeatedly fails.  It’s like watching Worlds Strongest all over again where the idol loses 200+ times to the Boston Crab submission.

Jashin misses a dropkick, only to catch a crowbar to the back.

If you’ve seen this comment below or if you have any other comedy anime that you think I should check out and write about.

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