Cal Wu is more than your typical rapper or hip hop artist. Hailing from Detroit, Mi, Cal Wu takes on a different approach to the nerdcore and hip hop genre. Along with his love for the sound of live instruments, mixed with his enjoyment of House Music he has developed a unique music style and approach.

Cal Wu’s is influenced by acts such as; Jay – Z, OutKast, Kanye, Lupe, Wu Tang, Common, Mos Def, Talib, Freeway, Eminem, Royce Da 5’9″, Daft Punk, Nerd, Clipse, Childish Gambino, Scarface and many more.


2003 was a pivotal year for him. He wrote and performed his first song at a high school talent show; thus the birth of Cal Wu and his career in music would begin. Early in his career he was a part of a rap group known as Infinite. The driving force behind this group was dopeness and competition. Having a huge competitive nature helped him to thrive and grow as a writer, MC, and artist.

With his album the G. G.A.N.G. newly finished, Cal Wu has began working on a visual album for the G. G.A.N.G. album. While working on the visual album Cal Wu is also working on the planning and development on 4 more projects. Cal Wu’s ultimate goals are to get music placement and to perform at various anime and comic book conventions around the world.