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Cal Wu New album is filled with original music and recorded in Detroit at Tapwater Studios. Every track is filled with hooks from games like: League of Legends, Final Fantasy, One Punch Man, and Dragon Ball Z to name a few

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Cal Wu

The Heart of NerdCore Rap


Cal Wu is more than your typical rapper or hip hop artist. Hailing from Detroit, Mi, Cal Wu takes on a different approach to the nerdcore and hip hop genre. Along with his love for the sound of live instruments, mixed with his enjoyment of House Music he has developed a unique music style and approach….READ MORE

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G Gang is a staple in nerdcore. This full length album is filled with both digital and live instruments and every track is loaded with nostalgia and pop culture references. We also take a look into the world of Cal Wu, and his adventures. From dating women who are related, raising his son in the world we live in today, and following your dreams just to name a few.
Alex Blur Alex Blur

G. G.A.N.G. is the fine sound that pokes at all the geek sensors of the brain. A joyous delight, thought provoking, and touching assembly through a nerds perspective.
Johnny Balsa Johnny Balsa

I dig the album, definitely some songs I’ll be blasting during the summer or for the long chill drives down the highway


Meloh D Meloh D

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Anime: Dropkick On My Devil!

Dropkick On My Devil is a comedy Shojo anime about a devil named Jashin who lives with a witch and the crazy exploits in her daily life.  The anime is filled with slapstick, great dialog, dark humor, and unrelenting extreme gratuitous violence.  Every day Jashin comes up with a new scheme to get what she […]

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Cal Wu of DRS (The Dead Rebel Society) first album, The G. G.A.N.G. (Guns Games Anime Naked Girls), which is his contribution to hip hop and nerdcore hip hop.

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